Month: December 2016

The Time Machine

The most revered cognac on the planet takes more than a century, and inspired a John Malkovich movie. By Mark C. Anderson | Photos by Manny Espinoza Last year a unique film served up a whole new selling point: “Not coming soon.” It came attached to two of the bigger names in film, Oscar-nominated actor John Malkovich and director Robert Rodriguez, as they wrapped up production on the most mysterious movie ever created. When they finished the flick, called 100 Years — before its actors or producers might see the final cut — they promptly hid it in a...

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The Master

Set an international standard for sommeliers. There’s a lot more to him. By Mary Schley | Photos by Manny Espinoza If his grandfather hadn’t been farming raisins, Fred Dame might have never found his way into the wide and wonderful world of food and wine. Then again, with a palate, nose and mind like his — and the enthusiasm conveyed by his rapid manner of speaking and encyclopedic knowledge — he might have. By now Dame’s credentials and accomplishments are stunning. He was the first to pass all three sections (theory, service and blind tasting) of the prestigious Master...

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The Play Maker

Carlos Grijalva helped invent a Vegas business where there wasn’t one. By Joey Rappa | Photos by Manny Espinoza We have all been placed in our own high-pressure situations, the kind that makes your throat dry and palms sweat. Whether it be a last minute PowerPoint presentation or the big speech at your best friend’s wedding, nerves can get frazzled. But there is one unenviable task which may top them: having to plan a blowout party weekend in the Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world. There are so many choices when deciding on the right hotel, restaurant,...

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Rock “n” Roll Winery

By Liz Jeter and Mark C. Anderson | Photos by Manny Espinoza It’s a beautiful summer night in Carmel Valley, and Jökull Júlíusson of Iceland finds himself a long, long way from home — 4,270 miles from home, in fact. He basks in warm orange stage lights on stage at Folktale Vineyards’ massive barrel room, flanked by soaring racks of wine barrels and the members of Kaleo, one of hottest bands on the Atlantic Records label. The group’s gift for live shows has quickly earned placements in lofty projects as Martin Scorsese/Mick Jagger’s HBO drama “Vinyl.” The vocalist/guitarist eases into...

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Robot Rum and other BevCon Lessons

Takeaways from the first ever BevCon cocktail convention in Charleston. (And a peek into the future of rum.) By Mark C. Anderson It’s 2 in the morning on a September night on the outskirts of Charleston, South Carolina. Our group is hearing voices—and it’s not the result of all the incredible spirits and concoctions we took down as part of the first-ever BevCon conference. We stand in a room that’s completely white, except for an original copy of H.G. Wells’ Time Machine on a lone white pedestal at its center. The voice is cooly robotic, motion-triggered, with a South...

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