Five discoveries from the 2017 Nightclub & Bar Show.

By Otis Conklin

Say it with me: What happens in Vegas, stays in… But wait.

Sometimes the discoveries are too cool to limit to Sin City alone. (Or weird, or inspiring, or thought-provoking, or all of the above.)

Case in point: this spring’s Nightclub & Bar Show. Some 30,000 industry professionals attended the Las Vegas Convention Center this spring, and the sheer volume of new products, concepts and technology gave them plenty to check out.

Not everything was terribly newsworthy. Many things were best to gawk at: Note the Alcohol MIST machine that delivers vaporized liquor in latex balloons (put one in your bar or home for a cool $1,099), or the Champagne Gun, which allows buyers to pay nearly $500 for the privilege of wasting $500 Dom Perignon as aggressively as possible.

But there were also innovations that will find traction among industry pros in the know. Here goes Shakers’ shortlist of hand-picked discoveries from what felt like a never-ending hike through nightclub stuff:

Happy Pills 

While contributors to TripAdvisor suggest things like “the restaurant at the back of Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall for steak and eggs” and “a few Advils, a bloody w/ a chaser, and a greasy breakfast” to cure “Vegas hangovers,” the new Waking Up in Vegas has developed an alternative. Its natural inputs include vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, potassium, prickly pear and—yes!—white willow bark. Shakers research professionals made sure to test these with an out-till-4am-drinking-and-gambling mission, and come morning said pros felt surprisingly fresh.

$28/10-pack. More at

Instant Aging

Time & Oak of Portland has done the impossible: Developing a barrel that can fit inside a bottle. Sticks of cured American oak laser-cut to create maximum grooves (and resulting) surface area for the wood to add smoothness, color, body and flavor and remove toxins in as little as 24 hours. Shakers tested it on a bottle of silver tequila; after 36 hours the difference between the untouched spirit and the T&O-“aged” tequila was noticeably tastier.

$15/two-pack. More at

Pretty Lasting

GrowlerWerks has introduced gorgeous copper mini barrels or “uKegs” that keep beer-lovers’ tanker of craft beer and fresh for weeks on end. Vacuum insulation, pressurized cap and sleek custom-made taps complete the package.

uKegs start at $149. More at


Relaxation Situation

Cannabinoid Creations has positioned itself as a pioneer in an exploding category with tasteless drops of CBD, the non-stony relative of THC that eases anxiety and soothes bodily aches and pains (see story, p. XX). They do fun candies, chocolates, sodas and tinctures too.

$28/four-pack hemp sodas; CBD syrups start at $30. More at