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Salinas native Michael Murphy, co-founder of Esalen, the human potential hub in Big Sur with world-famous hot springs and world-changing workshops, is a golf nut. He was there in 1972 for Pebble Beach’s first U.S. Open and witnessed both Jack Nicklaus’s third Open victory, and the insane one-iron Nicklaus bounced off the flag stick at 17.


Turns out 1972 is right around when Murphy published Golf in the Kingdom, one of the best-selling golf novels ever written, now published in 19 languages.


In it the young protagonist meets a mystical pro in Scotland named Shivas Irons, who tells him about the “deeper structure of the universe.”


“Let the nothingness into yer shots,” Irons says.


Murphy has long been obsessed with exceptional—near mystical—human performance in all areas. In fact, he draws from 3,000 sources to explore recorded “supernormal” abilities in everything from martial arts to telepathy for his nonfiction work The Future of the Body. 


“It’s there in all sports, there in everyday life,” he told our editor in an interview conducted when Golf in the Kingdom was made into a movie. “If we open our lives to the possibility of the extraordinary, [our lives] can be bigger and richer.”


With our inaugural golf issue, and every issue of Shakers, that’s the goal: to seek out extraordinary souls worth celebrating. They may not be masters of jiu-jitsu or telepathic but they do dedicate themselves to making life bigger and richer for their guests. 


Across these pages that takes us from Las Vegas (p. 72) to Holland (48), Pebble Beach (30) to Peru (62). It also takes us to a unique bar in Berkeley with a remarkable cocktail inspired by a supernormal shooter named Steph Curry (40), who happens to be a scratch golfer.


As unbelievable as he and the Warriors have been, they’re facing their most formidable opponent yet. The Toronto Raptors play the toughest transition D in the league. Kawhi Leonard is a Defensive Player of the Year and scores more per touch than anyone in the playoffs. They whupped the Dubs both times in the regular season, despite 81 points from Kevin Durant in those two games. Now they're without home court advantage, back-to-back Finals MVP Durant himself or a healthy Klay Thompson.


But hey, here’s hoping for something extraordinary.

Ryan Sanchez, Publisher


Mark C. Anderson, Editor at Large


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